Suicide attacks on Afghan parliament building by Taliban in Kabul

NewsSuicide attacks on Afghan parliament building by Taliban in Kabul

Afghan parliament building under attack by Taliban in Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan: The Afghan police have repelled an attack on the Parliament in Kabul on Monday by killing all Taliban militants who earlier stormed the building and caused casualties of several policemen and civilians.

On his official twitter account, the spokesman of the Afghan ministry of interior affairs Sediq Sediqqi claimed that all seven attackers had been killed by the police as a result of heavy gunfight between the two sides. He also said that no lawmaker was injured in the attack.

Earlier, the official news agency of Afghan government Bakhtar News confirmed that six policemen were killed in the attack. However, unconfirmed information claimed that more than 20 policemen are killed or injured.

Though the Afghan Taliban took responsibility of the attack, the chances of involvement of Afghan group of Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) known as Daish could not be ruled out in this massive attack.

The attack on the Afghan Parliament building was expected and there were information available to members of parliament that Taliban will attack parliament building any time after their Taliban) massive advance in northern Afghanistan.It may be mentioned that Taliban has seized part of the Kunduz province in the north of the country near Afghan-Tajik border and also engage in Nooristan province. Following heavy clashes with law enforcement on Sunday night, Taliban seized security checkpoints around the district. On their website, Taliban militants claimed they had seized 14 police posts. Dasht-i-Archi is the second district to fall to Taliban control in the last week.

Earlier reports

According to local police attack was initiated by Taliban from a building close to Parliament building. Taliban entered into parliament building after killing guards and exploded vehicles. Police claimed at least two suicide bombers were involved in cleaning guard line outside parliament. More news told that first and second security line was collapsed in first five minutes and then Taliban entered into main building of Lower House.

Photo of inside parliament after attack by twitter from one of the member of parliament
Photo of inside parliament after attack by twitter from one of the member of parliament

“Nothing is clear. around 9 explosions were heard. We were inside House and at Press Galary when all happened. I believe many member of parliament are injured and may be killed”, said one report Muhammad Tamimi while talking to Dispatch News Desk news agency on his phone.

Three explosions outside the parliament building and one inside Lower House (Wolesi Jirga) building were reported till the filing of this breaking news.

Heavy gunfire can be heard inside and outside parliament building and Ministry of Interior spokesman Sediq Sediqqi has confirmed attack on parliament building and added that extra  security forces have been sent for deployment in Parliament.

A local television channel–Tolo News television was giving live coverage when time device exploded inside the House.

Member of parliament and journalists are being evacuated from the parliament building and there is no information about casualties. Skirmishes and explosions have been reported in the Darul Aman area also.

afghan parliament under attack

According to local journalists who were present inside parliament for covering the session of Lower House, the first explosion in Lower House was by time device and took place when second vice president entered to introduce nominee for ministry of defence.

Afghan parliament building under attack by Taliban in Kabul
Live scene broadcast by Tolo Television Kabul.


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