Crime against women on the rise in Indian State of Jharkhand

AsiaCrime against women on the rise in Indian State of Jharkhand

RANCHI: With a total force of  40,000 cops and 426 Police Stations,  Jharkhand police has failed to safeguard public life in general and reducing crimes against women in particular. The state police registered 35,838 crimes during 2011, Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported on Tuesday.

However, women continue to be under attack in the state. Killing women in the name of witchcraft and for dowry has not seen a decline. In 2011, a total number of 3,132 cases of crimes against women were lodged under various sections of the IPC. Cases of domestic violence are on the rise too. In January itself 69 cases have been registered at the women’s police station here out of which 55 are related to domestic violence. Incidents of rape are also on the rise. In the state capital itself as many as 162 women have been raped in the past two years.

Some of the largest districts like East Singhbhum and West Singhbhum have reported a spurt in cases of crime since 2011. In East Singhbhum, a total of 3,521 cases were registered in 2011 which increased to 4,571 in 2012 in spite of 36 police stations. In West Singhbhum, a total of 945 cases were reported in 2011 which stood at 1,042 in 2012 in spite of 30 police stations.

IGl (special branch) and Jharkhand police spokesperson S N Pradhan, presenting an excuse for this rise in crimes in the state, said, “The population has gone up in the last 10 years as well.” Pradhan said registration of more number of cases always does not mean that crime has gone up. “It also means that now more and more people are coming to police to report their cases. The registration of crime has grown significantly in the state,” he added.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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