Delhi to Lahore “People for Peace Cycle Rally” concluded at Indo-Pak Wagha Border

NewsDelhi to Lahore “People for Peace Cycle Rally” concluded at Indo-Pak Wagha...


Delhi to Lahore “People for Peace Cycle Rally” concluded at Indo-Pak Wagha Border

Lahore, Pakistan: Third “People for Peace Cycle Rally” concluded at Indo-Pak Wagha Border Amartsar – Lahore, reports twitter messages of participants.

While concluding the rally, students from Indian universities expressed their resolve to continue their initiative in future and believed that such initiative would work to pull both nations closer and avoid power mania.

“People for Peace Cycle Rally” of Indian youth concluded at Indo-Pak Wagha Border

The rally was started on January 1, 2016 from India Gate and over 50 students kept traveling to Wagha border while promoting peace at different educational institutions of Indian Punjab and Haryana. The Convener of rally Praveen believes that India and Pakistan are challenging each other by wasting billions of dollars in arms while cost of a bullet used in rifle can be used to fill hungry stomachs in both nations. Indian students are peddling for peace for the last three years.

cycle rally leaving Amartsir for Wagha border

Participants called them “Peace Ambassadors” as they are trying to bridge India and Pakistan through peace initiative. It may be mentioned that rally continued to move towards Pakistan-India border despite of attack on Pathankot Air Base of India and Indian government as well as Media claimed that Pakistan was behind this attack. The attack was conducted on January 2, 2016.

The Indian media citing security officials reported that the terrorists were speaking Punjabi with each other and they hailed from Pakistan-based Jaish-i-Muhammad group. It is being alleged that the terrorists were supported and financed by the ISI, Pakistani premier intelligence agency. Pakistan government is already conducting an inquiry after receiving official complaints from India. The standoff inside the air base continue for three days.  The Indian media claimed that the attackers had arrived from Pakistani Punjab’s Bahawalpur district.

There were fears that Cycle rally could be terminated by students afte thuis negative development and could sabotage the peace initiative taken by Indian youth but students kept travelling to Wagha Border and terminated the rally according to schedule and by sending a message to Pakistan that Indian youth wishes Peace— Not war.

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