Get ready as Indian crop stubble-burning set to cause thick smog in Lahore

NewsGet ready as Indian crop stubble-burning set to cause thick smog in...

The crop stubble-burning has begun in Indian Punjab’s Amritsar and Ludhiana Cities, rising apprehension about the most likely thick smog which will resultantly soon blanket Lahore and other Central Cities of Punjabi Punjab (Thick smog in Lahore).

Every year crop stubble-burning begins in Indian Punjab in October and as a result, all adjoining areas are heavily affected. But as the wind blows towards the West, thick smog begins blanketing plain areas of Punjab Pakistani Punjab as well.

Subsequently, the people suffer from various diseases such as cough, wheeze, asthma, and other respiratory problems. So as the winter arrives, not only the people especially dwellers of plain areas have to deal with severe cold but they are also caught by health issues.

Additionally as the temperature further falls, smog turns into fog which brings the routine life into standstill and often causes traffic accidents across the Country, resulting in massive casualties.

Thick smog in Lahore disrupts routine life every year

However each year, the people have to just rely on rains because they lessen the impact of fog. Other than that, the government of Pakistan hasn’t yet ever raised the issue of Crop Stubble-Burning with the Indian government.

It is worth mentioning that four years ago, Washington-based National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) warned that the Crop Stubble-Burning by Indian farmers could cause atmospheric havoc but yet the Indian government didn’t pay any head to it. Resultantly, the Indian farmers continue to burn crop stubble each year.

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