Guide to apply for Immunity Passports in UK | Cronavirus Lock-down

UncategorizedGuide to apply for Immunity Passports in UK | Cronavirus Lock-down

With more than 38,000 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases and over 3,600 of them ended up in deaths, the United Kingdom has been under a three-week lockdown since March 23 with a purpose to restrict the people at home to avert the spread of the deadly virus. The UK has decided to issue Immunity Passports.

However the exact number of Coronavirus Cases is believed to be much higher in the UK as well as other parts of the World because since the virus is a pandemic and it transmits from human to human exponentially and in no time a huge number of the population gets infected by it, the governments around the globe are lacking the ability to catch its pace when it comes to testing the Coronavirus patients.

Another problem lies in the fact that an infected person doesn’t necessarily show symptoms though he or she is carrying the virus but he or she is asymptomatic and transmitting the virus to others.

The above issues have left no option for many Countries across the World including the UK but to impose restrictions on social gatherings, advise the people to self-quarantine at home, shut down markets & institutions, and simultaneously accelerate the testing process and get the patients treated.

The UK Health Ministry is currently carrying out around 10,000 Coronavirus tests a day but on Thursday, the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock unveiled the government’s plan to take the number of tests to 100,000 a day by April end.

Along with it, the UK government has now deliberated upon the idea of testing the people, who had developed Coronavirus symptoms or even remained asymptomatic but were tested positive, to ascertain that they are no longer infected, and issuing them Certificates or Immunity passports, testifying that now they are not infectious to others and don’t need to be kept in isolation.

It’s yet to be seen whether how much the exercise would succeed in helping the government to lift restrictions and enabling the cured patients to return to normal life.

In addition, the reliability of these antibody tests is also yet to be proven as nothing of this kind has been done before in the UK.

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