J&K suffered biggest deficit in governance: BJP chief spokesperson

AsiaJ&K suffered biggest deficit in governance: BJP chief spokesperson

NEW DELHI: BJP sought a “historical audit” of leaders who committed “blunders” in Jammu and Kashmir, saying the “biggest deficit” the State suffered was that it did not get “honest governance”. Dispatch News Desk reported.

“The biggest problem of Jammu and Kashmir is that it has not got honest governance, it may be anybody’s regime. The people have suffered the most. Good governance is the biggest deficit of Jammu and Kashmir,” BJP chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said at a seminar on ‘Reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir’ organised by Panun Kashmir.

Prasad said there should be a “historical audit” of leaders who committed the “blunders” as future generations need to know what happened when and why. “The country needs to understand Sardar Patel better. There were 554 kingdoms in the country. Patel took care of 553 and there is no problem with any of those.
(Jawaharlal) Nehru looked after one saying that he is from Kashmir, we are still paying for that,” he said.
Mr Prasad said BJP is fully behind Kashmiri Pandits and party understands that community has suffered a lot due to turmoil. He sad BJP leaders will sit with KP representatives to discuss the issue throughly with them.
National Panthers Party president Bhim Singh demanded immediate rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits, who had to leave the State following militancy, and political reorganisation of Kashmir.

“Re-organisation of Jammu and Kashmir is the only way forward. I want to ask Parliament that why has it disempowered itself from making any laws on Kashmir,” he said. Former Congress MLA from Ladakh T Samphel demanded Union Territory status for Ladakh and that it be delinked from the political organization of Jammu and Kashmir. He however, assured full support to Panun Kashmir demand of homeland within Valley with UT status and separate statehood for Jammu.

Panun Kashmir Chairperson Ajay Chrungoo accused successive Governments of neglecting the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. He said problem of the internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir is basically the problem of reversing a genocide unleashed by the forces who don’t only have international support structures but also the patronage of certain entrenched forces within the Indian state.

He said the genocide of Hindus is a logical expression of a hegemony which has been allowed to perpetuate on the State over years. This, hegemony has been responsible for all sorts of discrimination and exclusion practiced by the entire State, he added.

Dr Chrungoo said the destiny of Kashmiri Hindus is linked to that how they defeat the separatist maneuvers and contributing to the transformation of the national will and vision about Jammu and Kashmir.

The seminar was organized to project before the opinion makers in Delhi an imperative need to recognize the political aspirations of Jammu, Ladakh and Hindus of Kashmir for a lasting solution to Kashmir impasse.
The PK is for a solution that strengthens Indianess, defeats Pakistan, defeats separatist politics and that augments secular identity politics.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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