100 Days of lockdown altered Indian Occupied Kashmir into a Death Cell

News100 Days of lockdown altered Indian Occupied Kashmir into a Death Cell

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100 Days of Genocide in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) has completed today on November 12, 2019.

!00 Days of lockdown has altered Indian Occupied Kashmir into a Death Cell

“Last 100 Days in IoK have changed everything for us. 100 Days we spent like 100 years under atrocities and unending brutalities of Indian Army”, said Zuhra Zaheer from JNU Delhi in her letter to newspapers.

100 Days in IoK were of complete communication blackout and observers of international organisations including United Nations and OIC are (were) not allowed to visit IoK to watch ground reality, which according to Kashmiri organisations; is like “Genocide Situation” faced by Muslims in IoK.

Indian Occupied Kashmir is caged since August 5, 2019 when India illegal changed the status of IoK against several resolutions of passed by United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

100 Days of Kashmir Genocide
100 Days of Kashmir Genocide

What we know about last 100 Days in IoK after abrogation of Article 370 (35-A) on August 5, 2019?

  • 100 Days long curfew and communication blockade continues.
  • Medical services still not available in IoK.
  • International media and international Human rights organisations confirm in their reports that women, girls, children and even young boys are sexually abused by Indian law enforcing agencies
  • Disappearance and abduction of youth continues.
  • Serious humanitarian crises grips IoK as food stocks are inadequate.
  • Tourism and hotel industry completely collapsed in IoK.
  • Orchards owned by Muslim Kashmiris are catted down for imposing economic genocide.
  • Night house-raids and picking up Kashmiri Muslims by law enforcing agencies continues.
  • Estimated deaths due to non-availability of medical services in IoK crossing the figure of 12,000 patients (deceased patients).

  • Majority of educational institutions is still closed and Kashmiris are denied basic right of health and education for the last 100 days.
  • Almost all small and major sectors of life including business and commerce, education, transport, horticulture and tourism in IOK are virtually defunct with unprecedented communications blockade adding more to the prevailing uncertainty.
  • Transport sector is among the most affected sectors as 70,000 vehicles (buses, Trucks, Taxis, boats) halted since 5th of August.
  • Tourism Industry collapsed due to the clampdown. All hotels and houseboats are almost empty and as such are running in huge losses.
  • Cordon and Search operations are being conducted at various places in IOK with the aim to trace the pro-freedom voices and silence them.
  • Thousands of politicians, business leaders and young boys have been booked under the black law, PSA and shifted to jails in India’s UP and Haryana states.
  • The entire valley (IoK) is reeling under a silence that is anything but normal.
  • The risks of being picked up are real.
  • Freedom of speech has been severely curtailed.
  • Situation is altogether different from what the Indian state and media have portrayed.
  • Children are (had been) picked up, detained and sometimes sexually tortured for days.
  • Some children are sent back home in a state of terror and others continue to be in the custody of the security forces without any official entry being made of their detention.
  • Families do not know whether their young men and boys are being detained in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan or Haryana.
  • Women and girls live in a constant fear of molestation and sexual abuse.
  • The psychological stress caused by the continuing occupation has led to high levels of anxiety and depression levels, and the people consume anti-depressant drugs and carry them on their person at all times.
  • Anyone can be detained anywhere and anytime even while crossing the road, playing football, sleeping or having tea in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
  • The Indian security forces enjoy complete impunity and cases of encounters, enforced disappearances, sexual violence, illegal detentions, torture, entering houses at any time of day or night, breaking windows and destroying property are now normal in IOK.
  • Impunity is offered through AFSPA, PSA and other draconian laws.
  • The people have lost faith in the judiciary. They say that even habeas corpus petitions are not being heard by the J&K High Court.

International Human Rights organisations like Human Rights Watch, United Nations and Genocide Watch have demanded that:

  • Kashmiri people in IoK must be given right of self-determination in accordance with several UN Resolutions.
  • Decision of inclusion of IoK into Indian Union must be reverted as India has no right to take unilateral decision about the fate of IoK.
  • No steps should be taken about the future of Jammu & Kashmir without the consent of the people of IoK.
  • Restoration of the pre-August 5, 2019 situation with regard to Article 370 and 35A and implementation of the commitments India has made to the people of J&K and the United Nations.
  • The reversal of the bifurcation of the territory, as well as a reversal of its downgrading to the status of a ‘Union Territory’.
  • Immediate scaling back of the troops (armed forces and paramilitaries) deployed in Jammu & Kashmir. Withdrawal of CRPF, BSF, ITBP and Indian Army troops deployed in all civilian areas.
  • Dismantling of Interrogation Centres and Torture Cells.
  • End intimidation and harassment of children and their parents, by police, paramilitary and military personnel.
  • An immediate end to the practice of forcing children to report to police stations, and security barracks.
  • Immediate action must be taken against those in the armed forces, police and paramilitary personnel indulging in illegal practice of harassing and sexually abusing children.
  • End to the illegal practice of torture (physical as well as psychological) being committed under the cover of ‘interrogation’ by the armed forces.
  • Demand an end to the usage of pellet guns and tear gas, and the destruction of property by all armed forces personnel.
  • An immediate restoration of communication infrastructure, all forms of mobile telephony (not just the token restoration of Post Paid connections) and the internet.
  • Demand an end to censorship and restriction on the freedom of the press and an end to the harassment and intimidation of journalists, doctors, lawyers and human rights activists.
  • An immediate lifting of restrictions on civil society, and demand the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees, and demand that no further arrests be made.
  • Demand a repeal of draconian measures like the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the Public Safety Act.

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