Malaria, Dengue become common during monsoon rains: Doctors warns

HealthMalaria, Dengue become common during monsoon rains: Doctors warns

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Due to warm, wet and humid climate, malaria and dengue have become common during the rainy season in different parts of Country.

Doctors has advised the general public to adopt preventive measures to lessen the chances of mosquito and flies borne diseases during monsoon season.

They pointed out poor sanitary conditions, heavy rain water on roads choked gutters and plenty garbage in streets were major causes behind surge and increase of mosquito borne diseases in this season.

The rainy season is a perfect procreation ground for germs and bacteria which in turn leads to water borne diseases that affects a lot of people.

Physician, Dr Khawaja Naeem talking to a private news channel said several cases of monsoon-related diseases like malaria, gastroenteritis, leptospirosis, dengue and viral fever were being reported at hospitals and private clinics, compelling doctors to issue warnings and precautionary measures to the public.

Malaria and dengue were caused by mosquitoes and people should be careful of stagnant water in and around their houses, a medical specialist said.

Another physician Dr Hassan said, monsoon was the time when dirty water mixed with sewage and soil and became a cause of infections.

Doctors have also warned against eating out during monsoon and have urged people to maintain personal hygiene to avoid spreading infections.

“Unhygienic eating habits, such as eating out often, not washing vegetables and fruits before eating, drinking unsafe water and gulping cold drinks or ice creams, lead to rising number of cases of gastroenteritis, jaundice and typhoid.

“It is, therefore, necessary that we should be careful with what we eat and drink in monsoon,” said Dr Hassan.

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