More Muslims re-converted to Hinduism in India

NewsMore Muslims re-converted to Hinduism in India

More Muslims re-converted to Hinduism in India

Agra, India: As many as 117 Muslims comprising of 37 families were re-converted to Hinduism in Agra by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

According to details, these families shifted to Agra from West Bangal around 25 years ago and were working for collection of garbage due to poverty and they were third generation Muslims.

According to RSS newspapers, the joint mass conversion ceremony was held on Monday where 37 families were “brought back to the Hindu fold” because these families were wanted to rejoin Hinduism. While Muslim dominated media in Agra claimed re-converted families are tight lipped to give the reason why they had rejoined Hinduism. When contacted, most of families answered that one man Ismail could answer of all questions because Ismail is their contractor and they were not supposed to talk to media.

Muslims of the locality claimed that they were forced by poverty to convert to Hinduism as RSS offered them jobs with local municipality for garbage collection and also promised financial support for their relocation to a Hindu community area.

Meanwhile RSS leaders are of the view that these families re-converted to re-join Hinduism because they wanted to rejoin religion of their forefathers.

“They were interested in coming back home (to the Hindu fold),” said Rajeshwar Singh the area chief of the Dharma Jagran Samanvay Vibhag of RSS. He said the people who underwent conversion were from West Bengal and were living in slums ever since they had arrived here some 25 years ago.

IBN India reported that room in which the re-conversion ceremony took place was transformed into a makeshift temple and converts would be given instructions to perform rituals according to Hindu religion for a month.

RSS is working to re-convert Muslims and Christians since BJP government came into power. Some incentives are being offered to people to rejoin Hinduism including government jobs, ration cards and financial support.


Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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