Exceptional welcome of Nawaz Sharif at Samarkand Uzbekistan

NewsExceptional welcome of Nawaz Sharif at Samarkand Uzbekistan

Samarkand, Uzbekistan; On the second day of his visit, Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif reached Samarkand. Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Governor of Samarqand welcomed Sharif.

He visited Registan and Bib Khanum mosque before visitng Gur Amir Taimur and Sharines of Imom Bukhari. Samarkand was last destination of Pakistani prime minister before his departure to Islamabad. Nawaz was given extraordinary welcome in Samarkand and flags of Pakistan were erected at both sides of the road from Gur Amir to Registan Square.  Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyoyev who was accompany Mr. Sharif said that Uzbekistan was proud of its friendship with Pakistan and Mr. Sharif was a proactive personality to develop relations with Uzbekistan. Mr. Sharif visited the Mazar of Hazrat Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Aleh in Samarkand today. He offered Fateha and prayed for the progress and prosperity of the country.

Exceptional welcome of Nawaz Sharif at Samarkand Uzbekistan

It may be mentioned that Mr. Sharif came to Uzbekistan on his two-day visit on November 17 in Tashkent at the invitation of President Islam Karimov.

He was received by Prime Minister of Shavkat Mirziyoyev at airport and was driven to Presidential residence at Kuksaroy for official talks.

President Islam Karimov and Nawaz Sharif held talks, which focused on the state and prospects of development of cooperation between the two countries as well as strengthening regional security.

“In the face of Pakistan, we see not only the historically close neighbors, but also a country which, thanks to its enormous political, economic, military-technical and human potential, favorable geopolitical position, balanced foreign policy today plays a leading role in regional politics, solving major international issues “- said the President of Uzbekistan.

“Your present official visit, we consider as an important new stage in the long-term Uzbek-Pakistani relations, as a vivid manifestation of the willingness of the parties to continue to open and trusting dialogue at a high level of concern to us topical issues of bilateral, regional and international issues, as well as to give an additional impetus to our multifaceted and mutually beneficial cooperation “, – said Islam Karimov.

“I am immensely pleased that once again attended such a great country like Uzbekistan, – said the Prime Minister of Pakistan, who had been in Tashkent in 1992. – Dear President, as a result of your wise and far-sighted policy of Uzbekistan to ensure peace and stability, steadily develop all areas. Proof of this is the fact that, despite the difficulties in the global economy, growth in gross domestic product of Uzbekistan in recent years has remained at more than 8%. ”

“Through such regular contacts at the highest level as our meeting today, we will continue to rapidly increase trade and economic ties, strengthen security cooperation and expand cooperation in the energy sector”, – said Nawaz Sharif.

During talks, Islam Karimov and Nawaz Sharif paid special attention to the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan. The parties agreed that the Afghan problem can be solved only through a uniquely peaceful political negotiations under the auspices of the UN and the truce warring parties. They also discussed the issues of strengthening regional security, fight against terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking.

Nawaz at reception given by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov
Nawaz at reception given by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov

The two sides exchanged views on the development of trade-economic, investment, cultural and humanitarian cooperation. It was noted that the current level of trade does not correspond to the potential of the economies and capacities of the two countries. An agreement was reached on the revitalization of the Uzbek-Pakistani intergovernmental commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation.

In Ufa Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in July, it was decided to start the process of making Pakistan in SCO. As noted at the meeting, it will promote the development of mutually beneficial and multilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Following the talks, Islam Karimov and Nawaz Sharif signed a Joint Declaration between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In addition, several documents were signed to enhance bilateral trade relations, the creation of additional incentives in the tax area and to strengthen cooperation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

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