Nephew of Imran Khan, Hassan Niazi arrested in London, United Kingdom

NewsNephew of Imran Khan, Hassan Niazi arrested in London, United Kingdom

Hassan NiaziNephew of Imran Khan, Hassan Niazi arrested in London, United Kingdom

Hassan Niazi, the nephew of Pakistani politician and cricket legend Imran Khan was arrested in London today. Hassan Niazi was arrested for volition of peace during a gathering where he threw a bottle on Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of Pakistan’s Peoples Party. Hassan Niazi, who is studying for a masters degree in international human rights at City University, also made a remark on twitter

This isn’t something new for Hassan Niazi as he also had to to ask for an apology at his university in London when he made harsh homophobic comment after loosing the election held at his university few months ago. A university student commented that the strange thing is that what made him think that he can use offensive words against someone and cry for rigging after loosing elections just like his uncle?

This means that  the  ideology of Naya Pakistan which runs in the entire family of Imran Khan is like that you can attack anyone who you dont like and blame anyone at any time, says a person on social media,

Its not yet cleared that if a case has been registered against Hassan Niazi for attacking Bilawal Bhutto, howsoever Bilawal enjoys a right  to take legal action against the nephew of Imran Khan

Pakistan’s inward political divisions dominated a walk to highlight the Jammu and Kashmir issue on Sunday as a furious segment of the swarm pelted Pakistan People’s Party administrator Bilawal Bhutto with plastic jugs, shoes and jars when he went ahead the dais.

Irate that Bhutto was professedly utilizing the occasion as his political platform, the furious crowd yelled mottos against him and his father, Asif Ali Zardari, and assaulted him, provoking the London police to whisk him far from the dais at Trafalgar Square.

The assailants were asserted to be supporters of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf. Mottos against Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were additionally listened.

The assault on Bhutto soon prompted a different hashtag #bhagbillobhag, as individuals tweeted their delight at his retreat and additionally outrage at the occasion being politicized.

As numerous communicated their dissatisfaction at the unforeseen development, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference submitted a notice to Britain looking for an early determination to the Jammu and Kashmir issue toward the end of a walk.

The walk covering the short separation from Trafalgar Square to 10 Downing Street was charged as a ‘Million March’, however its quality was no place close to that check. Individuals had gone from a few urban areas in Britain for the occasion checked via bulletins with hostile to India trademarks.

The walk was said to be composed and headed by Sultan Mahmood Choudhry, previous leader of Azad and Jammu Kashmir, and drew interest from pioneers of different gatherings, for example, Bilawal Bhutto of Pakistan People’s Party and pioneers of Muttahida Quami Movement and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

India has made it clear to Britain that such occasions give chances to a few gatherings to hinder UK-India relations.

India had protested Britain permitting the walk amid the late visit of outer undertakings pastor Sushma Swaraj, yet London had emphasized its dedication to opportunity of discourse and additionally its consolation that it was for India and Pakistan to resolution the Jammu and Kashmir issue, without outsider mediation, in particular by Britain.

“With that consolation, we are very agreeable of any walk being sorted out, be it the purported million walk in light of the fact that we, as I said, are nation of a billion. Millions don’t overawe us,” service of outside undertakings representative Syed Akbaruddin said.

The APHC headed by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq quickly related the state’s history, specified charges against India and said in the update that the populace of Jammu & Kashmir ought to be permitted the right of determination toward oneself in the same way that the populace of Scotland, East Timor and Southern Sudan had reveled in it.

Not at all like earlier years, when such hostile to India occasions here prompted much concern in Indian quarters, there was a calm certainty that India require not be excessively shaken by them, past formally making known concerns. This methodology was likewise obvious amid the 11 September wrangle on Jammu and Kashmir in the House of Commons.

India has made it clear to Britain that such occasions give chances to a few gatherings to obstruct UK-India relations.

In a huge intercession, Varinder Paul, India’s agent high official, had as of late sounded a preventative note on Indo-UK relations before a London group of onlookers embodying Business secretary Vince Cable.

Paul had said: “Every now and then, we find that there are sure inclinations in specific areas of the general public, which are not in light of a legitimate concern for our solid relations. We have to watch out and be aware of any such deliberations. We ought not permit any such inclinations to succeed. What’s more this is our imparted obligation”.

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