News channels not showing pro-MQM rally: Altaf

AsiaNews channels not showing pro-MQM rally: Altaf

Karachi: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has said that prejudice and bias were the main reasons for the disintegration of Pakistan and appealed to unbiased journalists and intellectuals to write on the issue to save Pakistan.

He was addressing a gathering of MQM workers at Nine Zero, Azizabad by telephone, who had assembled there to celebrate the victory of MQM candidates on Sunday night.“The practice of recognising only one province as the whole country will not be sufficient to ensure Pakistan’s survival,” Altaf said.

Altaf also complained that TV channels were telecasting the demonstrations against rigging in Clifton but they were not telecasting the pro-MQM demonstration in Hyderabad.

“I appeal to some anchorpersons and critics who are crossing the line in criticising the MQM that if they had a tongue then the MQM also has one,” he said.“If someone lost his head and slapped you due to your acts then you will curse the MQM and Altaf Hussain. Then I will not be able to control everyone, because even a father cannot completely control his children,” the MQM chief warned.

He asked the critics to substantiate their criticism with solid proof which will be duly accepted. However, he warned that if someone hurled false allegations and made biased propaganda against the facts against the MQM then a civil war will follow.

“In that case, Altaf will not be responsible. We will take them on head on. In that process if our arms were fractured by them then we will also fracture their arms,” he warned.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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