Saudi FM visit to Pakistan concluded without facing press

NewsSaudi FM visit to Pakistan concluded without facing press

Saudi FM visit to Pakistan concluded without facing press

Islamabad, Pakistan: Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir has left for Jeddah after concluding his two-day visit to Islamabad.

Saudi FM visit to Pakistan concluded without facing press

His visit started in a tense regional situation as Saudi Arabia and Iran are locked in hot room and Pakistani being a neighbouring country of Iran is extra conscious to deal with situation.

Saudi Arabia announced a 34-nation Saudi led Military alliance before beheading a Shia cleric who was allegedly involved in terrorism. Names of Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more countries were included in alliance though Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia said that their names were included without prior discussion and taking consent but supported the alliance that was announced to combat terrorism.

Pakistan is a close friend of Saudi Arabia and Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had been a guest of royal family for over 6 years after he was thrown out from power by military ruler Gen (retd) Musharraf in a coup.

While Iran is a neighbouring country of Pakistan having historic ties with sub-continent. Iran is a Shia country and over 22% population of Pakistan is Shia therefore Pakistan has to take this point into consideration while adopting its foreign policy towards Iran though Iran has been closer to Pakistani rival India during the last three decades.

Saudis were giving special attention to Pakistan for playing a proactive role in its 34-nation military alliance to combat terrorism but Pakistan is refraining from playing any proactive role as terms of this alliance are still not clear and definition of “Terrorist” is also not clear and no working paper has ever been prepared to explain this hurriedly announced alliance.

The visit of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir concluded with nothing change and nothing new in Pakistani stance over Middle East and Pakistan in a joint statement said that both countries would continue to play a role against terrorism. However, Pakistan refrained from committing any proactive role in Saudi led alliance. Pakistan reemphasized its stance that participation of Pakistan in alliance is of “voluntary nature”.

After his meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj said:

“The role of every country in 34-nation alliance of the Muslim countries is voluntary and all the member states are free to define their role in the coalition like extending training in counter-insurgency. Sartaj Aziz said Pakistan has always supported all alliances meant for fighting terrorism”.

Moreover Pakistan asked Saudi Arabia to resolve its issue with Iran peacefully to stabilize the region.

No joint press conference was held of Saudi Foreign Minister and Advisor to Foreign Affairs Sartaz Aziz to avoid facing Pakistani press that is strongly polarized due to extensive involvement of Iran and Saudi Arabia in Pakistani media.

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