Solar Eclipse 2019 – Live Stream of Ring of Fire Pakistan

NewsSolar Eclipse 2019 - Live Stream of Ring of Fire Pakistan

The darkest day of 2019 is about to hit the sky, Yes we are talking about the Solar Eclipse 2019. It would be the last solar eclipse of the decade which would be visible in many countries including Pakistan.

As per the met reports, the sky in Pakistan will go dark around 8:36 and a ring of fire would be visible. It is strictly advised not to watch it with a naked eye since it could cause permanent blindness.

The solar eclipse will take over the skies shortly.

07:34Thu, 26 Dec
Partial Eclipse begins The Moon touches the Sun’s edge.
Sun close to horizon, so make sure you have free sight to East-southeast.
Map direction East-southeast117°


08:46Thu, 26 Dec
Maximum Eclipse Moon is closest to the center of the Sun.Map direction Southeast126°


10:10Thu, 26 Dec
Partial Eclipse ends The Moon leaves the Sun’s edge.Map direction Southeast141°


The December 26 solar eclipse — the third solar eclipse to take place this year — will be live-streamed on YouTube by several channels. Among them is one run by, an online network that provides a Livestream of visuals captured by telescopes around the world.

The YouTube channel will be live streaming the December 26 solar eclipse with visuals shot from the Middle East and Singapore. You can watch the live streaming of the December 26 solar eclipse below:


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Asad Haroon
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