US President’s uncle to face deportation hearing in Dec

CrimeUS President’s uncle to face deportation hearing in Dec

BOSTON:  Onyango Obama, US President Barack Obama’s uncle, is facing the prospect of deportation as a federal immigration judge has set a new deportation hearing granted last year to him in Massachusetts. His new hearing was set for Dec. 3 on Wednesday.

The 68-year-old Obama has been living in US illegally since arriving from Kenya as a teenager for school. His status as half-brother of the president’s later father was discovered after he was arrested and charged for drunk driving in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Following his arrest, a slurring and incapacitated uncle threatened to “call the White House”, before being charged with driving under the influence.

“Everybody wants to stay in America,” said his lawyer, Scott Bratton. “Hopefully, on Dec. 3, the case will be over.”


Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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