XEM (NEM) Predictions for the year 2018

NewsXEM (NEM) Predictions for the year 2018

XEM (NEM) is predicted to be priced at $2.0 in January 2018

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In this article, we will try to answer some of your concerns about XEM.

We all know that these are the days that no one can ever trust the crypto market but still we would like to highlight that there is one coin which had outperformed during the crisis as well.

Yes, we are talking about NEM. NEM was priced at $0.30753 a week before the crash of the crypto market and even during the whole week of turbulence, NEM maintained its position above $0.700

XEM (NEM) Predictions

As seen int he graph above, it is quite clear that while every other coin in the market was crashed by approx %50, XEM successfully glided through the turbulent times. Right now, this coin is priced at 1.04791 as we speak.

For longterm investments, we think this is the best coin to study and invest rather than investing in Ripple which will never be able to become part of any financial institution. Another point which should be mentioned here is that NEM announced its wechat wallet a few weeks ago. And now its live on WEchat. We consider NEM as a promising coin and would like to invest more into it.


Overview of 2017

Xem successfully survived the year of 2017 with a growth rate of 80% by jumping from $0.2 to $1 (average) by the end of December along with wechat integration.

Predictions for 2018

After studying the trends of XEM, opinions of market influencers and comparisons, we have compiled our predictions for XEM in 2018

Month & YearNEM Price Prediction
January 20182.0 USD
February 20182.81 USD
March 20184.4 USD
April 20186.4USD
May 20188.2 USD
June 201812.3 USD
July 201818.3 USD
August 201822.3 USD
September 201825.6 USD
October 201827.7 USD
November 201830.2 USD
December 201840.0 USD


Note: Again, we would like to mention that investing in any type of coin is a huge financial risk and the information provided on this website is solely for educational purposes. Dont invest your life savings in any type of coins since it would be a huge risk to your finances. The author of the post is a crypto traders as well.


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