Yaad Rakhna, An initiative by Advance Telecom

NewsYaad Rakhna, An initiative by Advance Telecom

The APS tragedy has to be one of the darkest moments in our country’s history. It was the day when we not only lost future innovators, artists and doctors but it was also the day when we lost the innocence of our children. Those weren’t the bodies of children we picked up but noble souls who displayed more bravery in adversity than I could ever imagine. No matter how hard we try, the scars still remain afresh on everyone’s memory as the animals which orchestrated these heinous acts still remain at large.

You know, there’s a famous saying, “In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.” Perhaps this is why most of us still remember this day as that tragedy served to remind us that no matter how much we try to forget we as a nation are at war with savages whom I won’t even call animals as even the wildest of beasts is capable of showing love, compassion and sympathy, whereas these monsters know nothing but hate.

It’s been one whole year since that tragedy took place and we as a nation still haven’t earned the right to stand tall in front of the mothers who lost their children. We still haven’t earned the right to look them in the eye and tell them that their sons and daughters were martyred for a noble cause, no matter what the main stream media tells us. At least this is something I believe, which is why among all the tributes given to our fallen angels, only a few stood out for me.

These were the tributes which didn’t talk about the incident but its repercussions on a mother’s mind. One such tribute was a song sponsored by Advance Telecom and Rivo Mobiles. The song titled “Yaad Rakhna” was enough to bring a tear to my stony gaze as even I couldn’t stand watching a mother’s pain after losing her child as the lyrics, which roughly translate to, “Oh God, please grant me two minutes of life as every day a person walks away sad.”

To be honest, I personally believe that these big corporations have no right to milk such a tragic incident for their promotion but then again every now and then there are a few attempts do seem more sincere than most cheap gimmicks. Hopefully, I am not wrong about this one as it was more than enough for me to make me call my mother to say, “I love you.” Right after I prayed for the happiness of all those mothers whose worlds shattered on this day.


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