Top Ten Hydrating foods

NewsTop Ten Hydrating foods

Abfoodove 10 different fruits and vegetables have been given. But they all  are important mainly in three aspects for our  body

  • Provide health
  • Make our skin fresh and beautiful
  • Secure us from dehydration

As their water containing % is mentioned with each food, just for the sake to evaluate their importance in our daily routine for our body. We can easily make them a part of our life in different forms like

Soft cold drinks

Milk shakes

As salad

Can be applied on skin for refreshing (Mask)

Even though this food is not a source of water, this food has other sources of vitamins, minerals etc.

Specially, on any occasion such as Eid, birthdays, marriage parties etc., we eat heavy diet, so making balance in diet this food must be considered as an essential part in any occasion just to keep the body healthier by simpler mean.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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