Pakistani defense analysts discard Indo-US nuclear cooperation; saying it is leading towards regional imbalance

IndiaPakistani defense analysts discard Indo-US nuclear cooperation; saying it is leading towards...

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani defense analysts have rejected the Indo-US nuclear cooperation in terms of developing defense missile system and civilian nuclear deal, saying it is leading towards regional imbalance, Dispatch News Desk (DND) reported on Wednesday.

Talking about the emerging nuclear trends in the South Asia at a seminar in Islamabad today, former Director General of Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, Dr. Shireen Mizari said US and its allies themselves have undermined Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) because US-India defense deal contravenes treaty’s article 1 and 2.

Seminar was organized by Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad, which was attended by Pakistani defense experts.

Discussing emerging nuclear trends, Dr. Shireen Mizari said there is no surprise in North Korea’s nuke test if founding countries of the treaty weaken the NPT regime.

Dr. Mizari said in the context of South Asia, the US-India nuclear deal clearly contradicts the nuclear disarmament talks because after the particular deal it has increased India’s capability to produce more nuclear arsenals.

She said now India and US cooperation in developing missile defense has forced Pakistan to increase its arsenals.

In this context, she also discussed recent Nasar test, a short range missile, and said since India started operationalizing its Cold Start and Limited War doctrines, there was no other option left for Pakistan.

She also suggested that both India and Pakistan should cooperate in developing civil nuclear projects like establishment of a nuclear power plant in Rann of Kutch areas.


Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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